An Online Course & Mentorship Program for Graduate School Applicants

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An online course and mentorship program for graduate school applicants


You May Have Seen ProFellow In:

“I was just accepted to Johns Hopkins' PhD program with one of their most prestigious fellowships. WOAH! The Fully Funded course gave me a process with which to approach the 8 PhD and fellowship applications I completed last fall. The tools and strategies that you provided made me a much more competitive applicant, especially the writing structure and interview prep. The MATCH ME Formula was practical and immediately useful. I count on your continued guidance as I make my decision. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!”

Carmen G., fully funded PhD candidate in Sociology ($345,000 funding package)

"I still cannot believe what I have achieved through this course - a full funding award worth more than $75,000 and the opportunity to attend my dream master's program. Your formula helped me build and polish my application story. This gave me the edge I needed to stand out among so many other outstanding candidates.”

Oumama K., Thomas R. Pickering Fellowship Winner ($75,000+ award) &

fully funded master's student at Johns Hopkins SAIS

“The Fully Funded course made my third round of applying to grad school more efficient and allowed me to be confident about my applications. After going through the Fully Funded modules, I knew I was going to present the best application I could create. I will finally be able to obtain my PhD because of the strategies provided by this course! Thank you again for this program!"

Sherron H., fully funded PhD candidate at University of Texas, Austin ($295,000 funding package)

"I would absolutely recommend this course to others starting out on their graduate school journeys. I especially appreciate that the Fully Funded course was made fully accessible for deaf students with captioning and transcripts. I received multiple acceptances and funding offers for top MPP and MBA programs, including Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins SAIS, Wharton Business School, and University of Chicago!"

Sheila X., Zuckerman Fellowship Winner ($88,000 award!) at Harvard Kennedy School + more than $500,000 in funding offers at top programs

"I knew I needed to find fully funded PhD programs, but I did not know where to start or anything about the process.  I could have tried to Google everything or hope that I could get enough quality advice from friends and associates, but I didn’t have the time with my master’s studies, and I needed someone in-the-know to give me the right kind of advice. The MATCH ME Formula showed me how to make each application unique so it would not be seen as just another “cookie-cutter” submission. Getting help and advice through the course about each component and your big-picture strategies undoubtedly helped me to get to where I am today: multiple full funding offers."

Ricky U., fully funded PhD in Biomedical Sciences at Texas A&M ($310,000 funding package)

Applying to fellowships and graduate schools can be confusing, confidence-draining, time-intensive and isolating… but it doesn’t have to be!

Invest in Guidance From a Globally-Recognized Expert on Winning Fellowship and Graduate School Funding

Hi! I'm Dr. Vicki Johnson, the Founder and CEO of ProFellow.com, the world's leading online resource for information on professional and academic fellowships. 


I'm a four-time fellowship winner, a top PhD scholar, and award-winning social impact entrepreneur. I teach insider strategies on winning competitive funding awards and entrance to top graduate schools.


Over the last 10 years, I've worked with hundreds of successful applicants and interviewed thousands of award winners. I created this course to share my unique application formula with people who aim to do something exceptional.


In the Fully Funded program, you will find awards and fully funded graduate programs that meet your eligibility and fulfill your goals AND you'll learn my unique MATCH ME Formula for preparing a winning application. 



Through the MATCH ME Formula, I:

  • Won four highly competitive professional fellowships (with a 5% acceptance rate or less), including a Fulbright Award
  • Gained entrance to 6 Ivy League/Top 10 graduate programs 
  • Was awarded a full funding package to complete my PhD (tuition and $25,000 stipend)
  • Achieved the Dean's Award for Exceptional Theses (top 10% of all PhD graduates)
  • Was paid to live and pursue independent projects in the UK, Germany & New Zealand
  • Appointed Policy Director of President Obama's Congressional Committee at the age of 30
  • Successfully pitched and received promotions, salary increases, professional development funding, paid sabbaticals, travel and public speaking opportunities from my early career employers.

My MATCH ME Formula

Through my own experience winning fellowships and entrances to top graduate schools, and through my ProFellow interviews with thousands of fellowship winners, I uncovered 7 key elements of a winning graduate school or fellowship application, now outlined in the award-winning MATCH ME Formula:

  1. Memorable
  2. Aligns with the program's mission
  3. Timely and urgent
  4. Capitalizes on the program's unique value add
  5. Highly specific
  6. Mutually beneficial
  7. Elegant

The Fully Funded program is the only online program in the world where you can learn how you can apply the 7 fundamental elements of the MATCH ME Formula to develop a winning graduate school or fellowship application.

You're Ready to Apply to Graduate School, But You've Got a Lot of Questions!

“How do I find fully funded graduate programs and fellowships?”

“How can I compete for these top programs that offer funding? I’m not sure I have what it takes to be accepted.”

“Finding and applying to fully funded graduate programs sounds daunting, I don’t have a plan to follow or a mentor to guide me”

I know, there can be a lot of questions and confusion if you’re applying to graduate school for the first time and finding few options for funding. 


If you don’t know where to look for funding, you can give up easily… or just resort to taking on student debt. 


Even once you’ve found some great graduate programs that offer full funding, applying to competitive graduate programs can be intimidating. 


Without guidance on how to develop an application that will stand out among other top candidates, it can be difficult to make any progress and feel highly confident about your chances when you hit “Submit.”


That’s why I’ve created my step by step course and mentorship program...


The MATCH ME Formula

Through my own experience winning fellowships and entrances to top graduate schools, and through my ProFellow interviews with thousands of fellowship winners, I uncovered 7 key elements of a winning graduate school or fellowship application, now outlined in the award-winning MATCH ME Formula:

The Fully Funded program is the only online program in the world where you can learn how you can apply the 7 fundamental elements of the MATCH ME Formula to develop a winning graduate school or fellowship application.

You're Ready to Apply,
But You've Got a Lot of Questions!

“How do I find fully funded graduate programs and fellowships?”

“How can I compete for these top programs that offer funding? I’m not sure I have what it takes to be accepted.”

“Finding and applying to fully funded graduate programs sounds daunting. I don’t have a plan to follow or a mentor to guide me.”

There can be a lot of questions and confusion if you’re applying to graduate school or a competitive fellowship for the first time.


Knowing that you'll be up against hundreds of top candidates, the application process can be intimidating. 


Without guidance on how to develop an application that will stand out among other top candidates, it can be difficult to make any progress and feel highly confident about your chances when you hit “Submit.”


That’s why I’ve created my step-by-step course and mentorship program...



"As someone who was also going straight from their undergraduate to graduate degree, it was a bit intimidating to undertake the graduate school application process. The Fully Funded course taught me where to find funded master's programs, and it made me really research schools and different disciplines that are a good fit for my interests but were also financially viable. I'm pleased to report that I received more than $100,000 in funding offers across the 5 graduate programs I was accepted to. I'll be starting my first year fully funded!"


"I would absolutely recommend this course to graduate school applicants! If you are applying for the first time and you aren't familiar with how it all works, it can be overwhelming. It really helps to have an organized space in the Fully Funded workbooks to take notes on graduate programs and develop your strategy on how to approach them. Seeking a degree in the UK as an international student has been tricky and stressful, but with the support of the course and Vicki's Office Hours, I have achieved acceptance to several programs!"

“The module on "Interview Secrets" was incredible! It really helped me outline my interview plan, reach out to past fellows (which I was easily able to do), and formulate interview questions both for myself and the interview team. I walked away from that interview so excited, proud, and grateful for the experience."


Your Situation Today


What You Can Achieve with Fully Funded

This Investment Can Save You Tens to Hundreds of
Thousands of Dollars ($$$,$$$!) In Student Loans

By learning this through this online program, you get huge benefits without the huge price tag.


Hiring a graduate admissions agency for 1:1 advising on your applications will cost you $10,000+ (and possibly your reputation).


Attending all my individual workshops given live throughout the year would cost $2,600+ (and you have to wait for the content!)


Cobbling together advice on the application process from the internet, friends, and professionals will cost you much more time than you actually have.


Yes, you get the course and access to my twice monthly "Office Hours" today for a small investment!


You can immediately access all of my best content on finding and applying to fully funded graduate programs, fellowships and awards through this one comprehensive online course. 


There is no other online program like this in the world, designed and administered by ta global expert on fellowship funding.

This Investment Can Save You Tens to Hundreds of
Thousands of Dollars ($$$,$$$!) in Student Loans

Fully Funded is a 10 module fully-recorded online course with twice-monthly Office Hours for live support. The course teaches you the application strategies of successful award winners​ so you can find and win full funding for your master's or doctoral degree.


Find and Choose the Right Award for Your Major Motivation

 MODULE 1B & C: 

Find Fully Funded PhD and Master's Programs & Strengthening Your Candidacy

  • Choose between a Master's or PhD program for your career goals
  • Learn why some doctoral and master's programs pay their students to attend
  • Learn about "full funding" packages: a full tuition scholarship plus an annual stipend
  • Conduct research to find fully graduate programs in your discipline in the U.S. and abroad
  • Connect with faculty during the application process - an important but little-known step
  • Identify 3 or more fully funded graduate programs that you can apply to this year


Get Inside the Mind of the Selection Committee

  • Learn how to identify what the selection committee is really looking for in candidates
  • Uncover the program's *true* mission
  • Do your 3 step investigative background research on the program
  • Outline your Perfect Candidate Profile: highlight the experience, skills and character traits that will enhance your candidacy


Outline Your Winning Application Story

  • Apply the 7-part MATCH ME Formula to outline your unique application story
  • Narrow your career goals to one specific goal
  • Write your Perfect Candidate Bio
  • Execute low-touch, high-impact networking strategies to strengthen your candidacy


Resume and CV Revamp

  • Learn the key differences between resumes and CVs
  • Easily and effectively tailor your resume or CV for each opportunity you apply to
  • Learn how to make the most of your LinkedIn profile and network
  • Make your resume or CV stand out among outstanding competitors


Nail Your Pitch In Writing: The Personal Statement

  • Learn the anatomy of a winning personal statement
  • Complete my unique exercise to choose your eye-catching opening story
  • Outline your 5-part personal statement that nails every selection committee question
  • Write your winning personal statement draft in one weekend or less


Get Extraordinary Recommendation Letters

  • Learn why an excellent recommendation letter is within your control
  • Make your recommendation letter asks (including templates for approaching people you have not spoken to in years)
  • Prepare your detailed recommendation letter documents for your referee


Create an Exceptional Research or Project Proposal

  • Express your potential as a scholar when you have little to no research experience
  • Learn how to use Google Scholar for all your research proposal needs
  • Learn how to effectively summarize the current "state of the science" in your field
  • Choose an appropriate and feasible research method
  • Effectively format your research proposal to quell all selection committee questions


Give Yourself (Another) Edge Over the
Top Applicants

  • Apply the “Zing” factor to give your application an edge (my most popular session!)
  • Hone your verbal pitch: explain what and why succinctly


Get Effective Feedback from the Right Reviewers

  • Use my questionnaire template to get helpful feedback from your reviewers
  • Know when to stick with your "gut"
  • Submit your application on time and celebrate your success

 MODULE 10: 

Interview Secrets of Successful Candidates

  • Learn the 3 most important things to prepare before any interview
  • Hone your brief "elevator pitch"
  • Respond like a pro when you get stumped with a question
  • Nail the individual, panel and group interviews 


Access "OFFICE HOURS" with Dr. Vicki Johnson

Join my virtual, group “Office Hours” offered twice a month to ask your questions and receive support from a community of high-achieving graduate school and fellowship applicants.

Each Office Hours session is 1 hour in length and is a group session for all your questions and support.


In Office Hours, you'll be part of a community of global go-getters who are applying to world's top graduate programs and fellowships. 


As a Fully Funded participant, you will also get exclusive access to book 1:1 sessions for application review or mock interviews (for an additional cost). These 1:1 sessions are not available to the general public.


“The Fully Funded course helped make my second try at applying to graduate school successful. I applied to six PhD programs in Biomedical Sciences. I interviewed with two and was accepted to both. I'm going to Stanford! Thank you for this course. It was a great investment"

The Guarantees

My Promise


What I can guarantee is that if you follow the guidance provided in the Fully Funded program and actively participate in Office Hours, in 6 months or less you’ll create your strongest applications possible to 5 or more graduate programs that offer FULL funding. When you learn and apply the MATCH ME Formula, you will transform your mindset about how you approach competitive opportunities and you will learn the writing, negotiation, and social psychology techniques that will significantly improve your chances of success for any competitive opportunity throughout your career. The graduate school application process takes effort, but there is absolutely NO reason you cannot achieve a high-quality master's or doctoral degree AND achieve FULL funding. You will learn how through this program! 


Please be sure to check out the scores of Fully Funded course testimonials, from people of all backgrounds, career levels and citizenships, that speak to the power and effectiveness of the Fully Funded application strategies!


An online course and mentorship program to help you find fully funded graduate programs, fellowships & funding awards, and prepare your winning application using the MATCH ME Formula 

Developed by four-time fellow and ProFellow Founder, Dr. Vicki Johnson

“Before taking the Fully Funded course, I had applied to doctoral programs and was rejected across-the-board. I joined Fully Funded because I knew I had to do something different. The course taught me how to change my application story from one of tragedy to inspiration. At my next try, I was accepted to ALL four programs, with full funding offers!"

L. Tomay Douglas, fully funded PhD candidate in Sociology at UC San Diego ($345,000 funding package)

"The greatest thing I gained from the Fully Funded course was confidence. I have a decade’s experience as a writer and editor, but I experienced a lot of doubt about my own material because I couldn’t “see” it through another’s eyes. Watching the Fully Funded modules and applying the guidance gave me confidence that I was on the right path. In particular, the course guidance was extremely helpful for requesting references and negotiating awards. I gained entrance to two Master of Fine Arts (MFA) programs, both with significant funding offers!"

“As a mid-career professional, I have benefitted first-hand from Vicki's strategies. I highly recommend the Fully Funded course to anyone pursuing funding via fellowships and admittance into some of the most competitive academic programs in the country."

“As a mid-career professional, one of the best things I received from the Fully Funded course was step-by-step guidance on how to narrow my goals and find fellowships and funding opportunities that will help me meet those goals. I've learned how to best position myself and my story for each individual program I've applied to. This clarified the whole process for me and really boosted my confidence that I was indeed someone they’d want to work with - and that was HUGE for me. I've now been accepted into a prestigious women’s leadership program AND a fellowship to work with leaders in local government, and I have a finalist interview for a third fellowship!"

Maryruth P., Coro Women in Leadership Fellowship AND Urban Leaders Fellowship Winner ($100,000+ value in fellowships)

How Long Does It Take to Complete the Fully Funded Online Course?

The best answer is, it depends on you and your situation. Most students can watch the 10 modules of video trainings and complete the exercises in 10 weeks or less (1 module per week). 


However, translating your exercises into essays and preparing one or more applications for fellowships and graduate schools can take much longer. 


If you have a deadline that is less than 2 months away, I suggest starting right away! If you have a deadline that is more than 2 months away, I also suggest starting right away! 


The more time you have to edit and improve your applications, the better. I recommend you set aside at least 2 - 5 hours per week to go through the video modules, complete your exercises and prepare your applications.


Also be sure to book the recurring Office Hours events on your calendars and participate whenever you can!

“The Fully Funded personal statement writing exercises and interactive workbooks were beyond helpful, especially for a visual learned like myself. The course feels guided and personalized."

Katherin S., fully funded Master's candidate at Columbia University ($100,000+ funding award)

"Prior to this program, I've always written my essays and submitted my applications at the last minute because for the life of me and my lack of street smarts, I just could not figure out how to break down every aspect of the application process and have been a serial procrastinator for the past decade. I honestly never thought it'd be possible for me to compile an application, and write (and edit!) essays across several months, but now I know I can! The lessons you taught us will carry us through life. Thank you for pushing us! It was only because of the support from you and others that I was able to submit my strongest application to date."

Sunny H., Fulbright Award Winner ($75,000+ funding award)

"The Fully Funded Course is an amazing program! This program provided me support in getting accepted to PhD programs directly after my Bachelor's degree. The course modules were very helpful, they guided me in writing an excellent application. Thank you so much Dr. Vicki Johnson!"

 Opeyemi N., fully funded PhD candidate in Biology at Washington State University ($225,000 funding award)

What happens when you enroll?

Step 1: Choose a payment plan or pay-in-full for greater cost savings!



Step 2: You’ll receive a confirmation email and welcome email with the next dates of my next Office Hours.

Step 3: You’ll get immediate access to the course and will schedule a Kick-Off call with me!


You Can Do This Regardless of Your Test Scores,
Age or Confidence Level

  • "My test scores are terrible."

    Believe it or not, for most programs, the GRE and other required test scores are not the most important part of the application package (and some schools are no longer requiring them!) You may find great programs requiring minimum test scores and choose to work on improving your scores. Or you might choose programs that are a better fit for where you are now. You can attend Office Hours and talk through this decision with me!

  • "I worry I’m too old (or too young/too experienced/not experienced enough, etc.) to go to graduate school."

    You do not need to be at a certain age or certain professional level to gain acceptance to a high-quality graduate program, but you do need to find programs that are a good fit for your background and for your goals. This program will help you with this very step!

  • "I feel pretty confident I can get accepted, but I am worried there will be no funding to go to my dream school." 

    Even if your dream school does not offer full funding, this program will help you identify other top programs that are fully funded that you can apply to as alternatives. Acceptance to fully funded programs can often help you negotiate funding at schools that do not typically offer it.


    You can also use the Fully Funded program to apply to some of the nationally competitive full funding awards offered by foundations and government agencies (like the Pickering, Soros and Payne Fellowships), which fund a graduate program of your choice. The Fully Funded program will unlock a world of possibilities!

“I just received this exciting email for a finalist interview and I’ve got tears of joy. I used your tips, listened to your videos over and over again, developed and reviewed my workbook, met a current fellow like you advised, and got more insights before submitting my application. Viola! This is my first invitation to interview after many unsuccessful attempts. I just can't thank you enough.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What are fully funded master's and doctoral programs?

Can I get 1:1 advising as well?

Where can I ask questions as I go through the course?

Can Fully Funded help me apply to postdoctoral fellowships, research fellowships and professional fellowships, like the Fulbright awards?

What is the time commitment?

What is the "success rate" of students in Fully Funded?

What happens after I enroll?

What if I'm an older applicant? Am I too old to go to graduate school?

How long to I get access to the course material and Office Hours?

Are there any prerequisites?

Are there any other material or equipment costs besides the enrollment cost of the course?

What is the refund policy?

Do you offer scholarships to people who wish to enroll in Fully Funded?

What are the guarantees?

Is this course applicable to students and professionals outside of the United States?

Does Fully Funded provide strategies for acing the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) or other entrance exams?

“Before taking the course, I thought I wasn't a unique or qualified enough candidate to be applying for any of the opportunities I had my heart set on. I took the leap with this course because I have always felt like I didn't know how to showcase my best self. This course taught me how to research opportunities, find the "insider information" that was right in front of me, and determine the best way to tell my story for each award. These are REAL strategies and tools that will elevate your application and make you stand out from the rest of the applicant pool. I am now a semifinalist for three highly competitive awards, including a Fulbright award! This course gave me the confidence to know I will never give up again." 

You Have a Choice

OPTION#1: Go It Alone

You can go it alone and hope for the best as you prepare your applications.

OPTION#2: Follow a Proven Formula

You can make a small investment now and receive a step-by-step plan and expert guidance to find and win entrance to high-quality fully funded graduate programs and fellowships that will allow you to avoid student debt completely AND help you achieve your next big career goal. 

Do you know what it takes to achieve entrance to a highly competitive fellowship or graduate school? 


If you’re ready to stop guessing and you’re ready to put in the effort necessary to prepare your strongest applications possible, your graduate school success story starts now.


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