An Online Course & Mentorship Program for Graduate School Applicants

Guidance From a Globally-Recognized Expert on Winning Fellowship and Graduate School Funding

You're Ready to Apply to Graduate School, But You've Got a Lot of Questions!


Fully Funded is a 10 module fully-recorded online course with twice-monthly Office Hours for live support. The course teaches you the application strategies of successful award winners​ so you can find and win full funding for your master's or doctoral degree.


Find and Choose the Right Award for Your Major Motivation


Get Inside the Mind of the Selection Committee


Outline Your Winning Application Story


Resume and CV Revamp


Nail Your Pitch In Writing: The Personal Statement


Get Extraordinary Recommendation Letters


Give Yourself (Another) Edge Over the
Top Applicants


Get Effective Feedback from the Right Reviewers

 MODULE 10: 

Interview Secrets of Successful Candidates

Through my own experience winning fellowships and entrances to top graduate schools, and through my ProFellow interviews with thousands of fellowship winners, I uncovered 7 key elements of a winning graduate school or fellowship application, now outlined in the award-winning MATCH ME Formula:

  1. Memorable
  2. Aligns with the program's mission
  3. Timely and urgent
  4. Capitalizes on the program's unique value add
  5. Highly specific
  6. Mutually beneficial
  7. Elegant

The Fully Funded program is the only online program in the world where you can learn how you can apply the 7 fundamental elements of the MATCH ME Formula to develop a winning graduate school or fellowship application.

"I knew I needed to find fully funded PhD programs, but I did not know where to start or anything about the process.  I could have tried to Google everything or hope that I could get enough quality advice from friends and associates, but I didn’t have the time with my master’s studies, and I needed someone in-the-know to give me the right kind of advice. The MATCH ME Formula showed me how to make each application unique so it would not be seen as just another “cookie-cutter” submission. Getting help and advice through the course about each component and your big-picture strategies undoubtedly helped me to get to where I am today: multiple full funding offers."

Ricky U., fully funded PhD in Biomedical Sciences at Texas A&M ($310,000 funding award)

Carmen G., fully funded PhD candidate in Sociology at UCSF ($345,000 funding package)

Frequently Asked Questions

You Have a Choice

"As someone who was also going straight from their undergraduate to graduate degree, it was a bit intimidating to undertake the graduate school application process. The Fully Funded course taught me where to find funded master's programs, and it made me really research schools and different disciplines that are a good fit for my interests but were also financially viable. I'm pleased to report that I received more than $100,000 in funding offers across the 5 graduate programs I was accepted to. I'll be starting my first year fully funded!"


“The Fully Funded course made my second round of applying to graduate school a success. I applied to six PhD programs in Biomedical Sciences. I interviewed with two and was accepted to both. I'm going to Stanford! Thank you for this course. It was a great investment"

Omar N., fully funded PhD candidate in Genetics at Stanford University ($350,000 funding package)

“The module on "Interview Secrets" was incredible! It really helped me outline my interview plan, reach out to past fellows (which I was easily able to do), and formulate interview questions both for myself and the interview team. I walked away from that interview so excited, proud, and grateful for the experience."

Nicole L., Buell Fellowship Winner ($75,000 award) &

mid-career PhD candidate in Human Development at Colorado State University

“Before taking the Fully Funded course, I had applied to doctoral programs and was rejected across-the-board. I joined Fully Funded because I knew I had to do something different. The course taught me how to change my application story from one of tragedy to inspiration. At my next try, I was accepted to ALL for programs, with full funding offers!"

James R., 2021 acceptance to Harvard University Master's in Higher Education Leadership & $20,000 award to Australia

“Before taking the course, I thought I wasn't a unique or qualified enough candidate to be applying for any of the opportunities I had my heart set on. I took the leap with this course because I have always felt like I didn't know how to showcase my best self. This course taught me how to research opportunities, find the "insider information" that was right in front of me, and determine the best way to tell my story for each award. These are REAL strategies and tools that will elevate your application and make you stand out from the rest of the applicant pool. I am now a semifinalist for three highly competitive awards, including a Fulbright award! This course gave me the confidence to know I will never give up again." 

"I would absolutely recommend this course to others starting out on their graduate school journeys. I especially appreciate that the Fully Funded course was made fully accessible for deaf students with captioning and transcripts. I received multiple acceptances and funding offers for top MPP and MBA programs, including Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins SAIS, Wharton Business School, and University of Chicago!"

Sheila X., Zuckerman Fellowship Winner ($88,000 award!) at Harvard Kennedy School (+ more than $500,000 in funding offers)

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